"They had an idea, they just lost it. Shit, the vision must've got blurry somehow. Cops started acting funny. Political figures started acting funny. It was more about money than it was about the person in the community, y'know?"
  "I think there's asshole cops and I think there's nice cops. I think everybody is in the wrong when bad shit happens."
  "I like Donald Trump because he's a businessman and America is a business."
  "I was a roller derby announcer before I became a state representative, but I was always an elected official."
  "But I mean hey, we're in Cleveland. What's not dangerous?"
  "Hi, I'm Heather. I'm a felon, so I can't vote."
  "From just discussing things from our supervisors and our bosses and just hearing some things from some of the prosecutors, the goal is, actually, not to arrest as many people as you would think."
  "Everything is awesome . . . to a certain extent."
  "Welcome! Make more perfect! Return and invite!"
  "When you're a probation officer you see how uneven things are."
  "I'm a lesbian woman who represents an anti-gay organization with frequency because the ACLU stands for the principle that these rights are something we all have."
  "It's so simple: show love, love others, let others love you. And that's it."
  "I think we're like an oasis in the desert here. But from an oasis can spring life."
  "And I have to tell you guys: my opinion is not the opinion of the Cleveland Fire Department in any way shape or form."
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